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    November 4, 2013
    10:30 - 11:01am PST  

adults the deal was about eighteen countries. i think we are. planting will go for help or support relationship that an understanding of stress off. i just ousted leader mohammad morrissey force of the court to adjourn on the first day of his trial on charges of inciting violence by angry rants graham lee in his support see the lights organize a shift in the area. the uk government's response to revelations that nothing they can thank our actions are of a fundamental human rights activists from across
the globe appeal to the uk prime minister is an open letter saying nationals. it shouldn't be used to justify war on india. and to bronson they get sent on american rally in years thousands demonstrated and residential colonies outreach to washington to find out why insert set on rates. i am. i want from us get with the ridiculous welcome to the program. it gets ousted president muhammad morrissey has been adjourned until january next year the formerly year has been charged with inciting the killing of protesters in december last year. hundreds of his supporters how the ramming outside a courthouse in cairo in a heavy police presence and use both the er was there for us the preceding six and is still time to go. i'll start
again on can you be the case with me is held to develop new inside the court. what actually happened there what's a guy that has been extended till the eighth of january the past three months time in the top it's about a tsp of italy's top of that these enormous case finds that this is said to be his biggest fight to six thousand pages long and all the noise concentric they support saying that most uk dates and days against him in the trial it seems that a database files yet. they need to tighten existing mostly not saying that any answers to these noises and cats since he was ousted into cotton in an indication to bake the crust and we've seen him because of it but theres no way to succeed him but not today speaking it typically is that all grounds to charge came and the people back on ground salt incitement to kill protest is admitting the evidence the untidy going to cope with all this painting is carried out the quantity size right. she was like consign it to cope with. but it was it really is tyson scenes we saw
the manager did this about but it saddens me of this debate so often that most of the summit mostly in south at this whole place erupted in two contrasting styles add the missing brother hid themselves from it mostly to begin offered nineties towards the city can just imagine that the bet that most remains the president's all to eat it. meanwhile the ac was on again said that he cut scenes again said precinct execution execution he lets his hands and say oh six read books in at one point a fight broke out between acts and sounds and only gives the tories of muhammad more see keith tended to be paid by the states at once and it's happened to that site at that site is basically a list of the sudan to do it so it was extremely acts are supposed to be taxed at the misanthropic but the thing i'm most happy thing is he was a visit to the president's this was a fake trial. this is a political trial and that we could just as he needed to prevail in this whole case the defendants at the stables he keeps insisting that the specific topics is the reason that he states he will be gifting and self acting sick bit better than some twenty five affiliates that are disappointing for
the defense but any tenant in the backseat been given access to the clients. of course most he is standing accused of being signed team met at an on site fourteen and that was the brother with support as this is my view being seen as a political trial. of cause tension snapped up by the high will keep you updated. in fall or responds on twitter for all the latest updates from the egyptian capital kampala singers got all the details from that court hearing the end. move on the egyptian another twenty eleven egyptian revolution saw longtime army backed leader hosni mubarak stand downs talabani year of political turmoil in june twenty twelve behind morrissey became the country's first democratically elected president. however as this bush or his push for islam is back constitution spot down the unrest in december that
same year. violence erupted again this summer and tim morrissey protests prompted the military to oust islam is the year followed by a vicious crackdown on muslim brotherhood supporters in which more anon sounds and people were killed. political analysts and journalists while esteemed are believes the trial against the muslim brotherhood two years as part of broader political clamp down on islamist ideology in egypt. this is the change that and it's like a deja vu for egypt another president another trial in less than three years. and what we're seeing is a rerun of a politicized trial. of course there are things that president bush he has done just like hosting mubarak has but i don't think that he's on trial. for the for the exact times that she's gone off. the reason he's being put on trial is because of is the most rather than ideology and the way he ran the country have but that did the intent of trying him is not sweetie to u s state of law our democratic friends
the channel or green or any of this stuff. the same time we're seeing a lot of his ministers that were part of it and interior ministers that served under him who have actually killed protesters. they are not being tried along with the morrissey and so therefore this is the scene is very very highly politicized and that demand of the people who want to see a lot of the muslim brotherhood behind bars centennial and rinds organizations from around the globe are sounding the alarm over the erosion of freedom in britain is written an open letter to the uk prime minister blasting the government's response to surveillance weeks. our dcf earth has more on their appeal. wilson banks don't let the decline in if it back from making them isolate patients and that fights back against what they call the upgrading of fundamental rights in the uk. it is some of the main queen fact that
less than racism that concerns center around the state terrorism legislation against a toddler and two when he was detained he said apples. they mostly talk about the sustained pressure against neo nine patients were approaching the end when satan hates the guardian uk could come under huge stress he calls to mind that had they had government's this has actually come to that building and destroy the heart writes now. many interesting points but that the estimates is a bit of potential violation of freedom of expression not that this is the other week in the uk government he's the last hour when bank and getting the geeks the topics that it's damaging national security. in the uk who are permissible limits to freedom of expression press freedoms according to national security and there will prescribe that the uk government has simply gone way beyond what those normal prescribed limits on the effect that the protection of national security can be added to
the trees in full. the thing and the freedom of expression because i miss is the radio calls and when the government that demonstrates that the expression actually harms at the national security will simply not for them to say he did it well. i'm not coming up this week the gang see the heads that i might buy an ice age and she states she questioned in a can at the concession at the things people cost fiat topics as lightning as it is great for me not that way however much you can imagine the uk government will be wishing it will right radicals will be bringing you will they sit back as they happen. actor turned whistleblower entered snowden has released a man if aso calling on the world to uphold laws and values which limits are beyond and protect human rights. he also slammed the us and uk spine agencies is the worst offenders the text appeared in a german magazine le sands to the editors from on stove on an encrypted channel ideas in oliver has more on
the teacher's statement the spa nice comfy loads to the taste of politics. that's according to whistleblower edward snowden right thing in the major german news weekly dish beagle he's put forward what he calls his manifesto for truth in which he calmed and state security agencies around the world didn't set out to simeon only handle so that journalists that if published his articles in various publications around the world. he also delays on to saying that we need to stop this kind of spying culture that is taken over it's all parts of a teenager and that and make a set of articles about edward snowden inmates in the gym and paper it comes on the back if that support for edwards to admit it in geneva on animosity increase we've seen a group of over fifty as senior figures calling for him actually to be granted asylum in germany now in the optical it to say that something that perhaps they had the car in
german government wooden supports pounds because suggesting a bed and some of skeletons in their own clothes that could come out if there was a mean age investigation into just exactly what's it going on in tennis if the nsa spying program. how about a monk spends fifty that say that it snowed and should she come to you and to be allowed to come to germany. that is wall that says one senior former german politicians say. edward snowden is the late great service to the western world and now it's up to austin to help him so huge support for snowden and he's laying out his ideas. right here in the german press. average now an incense calls to reform intelligence gathering agencies prove he was justified in leaking classified data. the wild one mouse has rejected any idea of clemency saying he violated the law and should come back to the us and face justice. lawmakers supported the decision but also had
some sharp comments regarding awareness of the nz operations. i think there's gonna be some best actor awards coming out of the white house this year and best supporting actor awards coming out of the european union. my father is to have a house intelligence comedienne of claims snow and put the lines of us soldiers in ghana cnn risk however the weaker supporters say his revelations have hardly done any damage and are needing to necessary reforms. former m i five agent adding that china's burgeoning to de criminalize whistle blowing julie jackson creek and for him because all the grounds that he finds the key thing on meet the amount of time to think that getting married in the tv. each unit at the school. they'll open final to stoop down to time
the new technology has allowed this to happen. and in northbridge toothpaste and he undercut sticky and can be seen how we asked why don't i just know he cannot pretend to think he knows in our team contesting the tank. eu diplomats trouble to get a response from the us over its alleged spying on european leaders and citizens and county delegation returned from washington was one called feeble explanations are diesel fisher spoke to the hand of the european mission. the antibiotics that we can expect hundred percent constituted to washington told me to investigate staying at the store and allegations of massive failings of spying meant that we were very realistically didn't expect to get you know that the fate of two bouncers about what's going on. if you're a pretender trust between the us congress said the allegations of weeks at this tonight. it's part of me knows that this is an issue and between eu and us. if you have this preventive custody to repair it. that
can actually teach. either way here on rte when cash is king uk aristocrats are last on the bread line. ruth become. who wouldn't. the new skills like console. martinez who lives who are now feeling the economic hands. the story and much more just ask the eye. a a. science technology integration. all the latest developments from around russia. the future
well he has gone on. i don't morgan's body. you'll find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look of the global financial headlines today too the report. margie. to the highlands has once again flared up. history of canada the day . the mac this is our team. tens of thousands of marines had gathered outside the former u s embassy in tehran. venting
their anger at present connie's initiative to mend relations with washington the willie comes despite a statement from supreme leader ayatollah khomeini voicing his support for the diplomatic efforts aimed at ending a long running international standoff over tehran's nuclear ambitions heidi has faced criticism from hardline opponents who say iran should not be seeking any compromise with what they see as a hostile power. iran wants to have the crushing economic sanctions. here's to lift it and have signaled its willingness to make concessions on its cover actual nuclear program. rt small spot mr gets whiny these diplomatic overtures. i mean so fiercely resisted the center of tony's recent speech to the un general assembly was said by many to represent a story in relations between tehran and washington. a sign that the rainy leadership is keen to initiate warmer ties with the global community. it
starts. not everyone is keen for this to happen the hardline conservative protest is to exit the president upon his return to tehran. now ladies and constable with the idea of increased to twenty with washington. towards the first day of a cow with the usa contest. the idea was to find the most creative anti us propaganda. contestants are invited to submit photographs used as target your loins games and golds or relating to the slide and down with the usa. over three thousand dollars for grabs for the winner. there will be a prize for the best idea to mark the death of america which will we knew the concept of death to america because of the arrogance of man the message is clear. for as long as the u s policies are hostile to us we will continue to use the slogan most live in the first came to prominence during the nineteen seventy nine iranian revolution. the us backed government was
destroyed. since then has been widely used by critics of washington. but critics know there were times when he needs to read a date with the us could undermine the revolution. we also see no reason to start the plane to see the country that produces portray iran as the enemy on the subject of the country and harsh economic sanctions and frees you to the program. states like these. and their allies constitute an axis of evil this administration has systematically impose the toughest sanctions on iraq. on iran ever the united states is not going to lift the sanctions until it is clear that a very verifiable accountable transparent processes in place despite efforts by the us government is injustice on shoes aren't affecting the general population. food clothes and even basic medicines are from broken seat in price in recent years. on the leadership to tend to engage the washington wizards anti american slogans and time as it related to iran in
recent weeks with work on the demonic many be taken down. with talks about ron's need to program the evening largely to its wake. it's not just the international community. prisoner honey has to convince. cool skulls of tea. the sanctions against iran have been forced by the european union the united states and many other powers in the security council has passed several resolutions adding to the measures which include bans on heavy arms supplies and nuclear technology the eaters restriction range from gold tree till oil imports the united states is gonna as far as an almost total embargo on energy products financial institutions and aircraft parts. all this has crippled the rise of conning and cause the nationals currency to plummet. a former advisor tehran's nuclear negotiating team says the rain simply don't trust america. it isn't cool thingy done that is deeply suspicious of the united
states and base i use the city of long standing animosity for the top is their wives to sanction any non bad de lis is engaged in a double speak to login on and the one time talking bought engagement of a spanking new dawns bright sun on the other hand adopting due the eighteenth makes the most hardline negotiations that deceived at the manse much condescension from the non without expressing willingness to to a no show. if any it takes to be that we are today. the two of sanctions even if we have seen a statement by the top us negotiator with wendy sherman that that the us has not offered any tangible and sanchez immediately in on that bailouts their negotiations on ending the iraq and that should be very disheartening to me meeting and so on the team for the concrete tangible signs of blog space. claudine on by the united states
the guy economic situation as force iran to seek external help. china has reportedly agreed to fund a twenty two billion euro zone development projects using oil assets previously barred by international sanctions regime in tehran during the line not the dollars so the sanctions did not affect china's business with its third largest crude oil supplier. political analysts on the monitor on the says america has failed to achieve anything with sanctions. this is one of many signs that the us imposed sanctions. it is not working in its beginning the two fall apart not that the united states wants this to happen the united states wants to make ordinary iranians suffer as much as possible. they want to devastate the running economy. and they've already succeeded in killing people because for example. the run has had great difficulty in importing medicines. so um
americans of the family upset with this but the last time goes on we are seeing an increase in the country is moving away from the united states companies ignoring the united states. and even individuals of who are investing in iran. oh without taking the sanctions regime into consideration. the half the sa refining back against america's global online surveillance operations and into. the claiming to be part of the international network anonymous has brought down the websites of scores of the street and incompetence in the day before the country's support for the police as saying the full story at our website. rt to call. also they are u s efforts to revive the israeli palestinian peace bro sis in another roadblock as to what these announces plans to build more settler homes in the west bank all the details in that timeline the coolest
everest of craftsmen living a luxurious homes but all its lander comes with some crushing maintenance bills in some cases they are having steak meal johns to make ends meet. this is the silly m f one bread line daryl. when one speaks of the british aristocracy be traditional landed gentry are noble and what would it not to lavish lifestyles and that the state that the bottom in centuries ago but the reality today is not quite up to par as it was good to pass the momentum will quickly due to colds because the loans. so i have to support. this married couple from a single moms moms. but he chose to fight comes a day well what can i. this isn't what one would expect to hear from an oral heir apparent to them on the side of aylesbury the state has been in the family for a thousand years but he's now in a fierce legal battle with the state's trustees with no
access to his money. i have no money to heat the post civil war confess that when my wife lois was treated on the both the mold for the financial times supports high court cases and unofficially scavenging trust doubled from two thousand ten to two thousand twelve coinciding with the financial crisis the cost of newquay off to an aunt has his staggering only yearly basis. this stately home in norfolk was built in the late nineteenth century and while much of the state remains in tact parts of it had been left to wreck and ruin in restoring it to its full glory could cost up to three million pounds. add to that gas electricity water maintenance the list goes on around sixty percent of the historic homes are now open to the good use for various purposes such as weddings conferences and pores and this one in particular used to be used as a wetting the bed knew that the reason for such diversification is to be able to generate some income for properties that are very expensive to keep going
the reality is that the costs of maintaining these houses is said great now and aristocracy tend to be in the passage in which the couch or something that holds very true for this girl even fighting a job that didn't quite work out for him will become proof of income employment of the completed the session ending. um the final. the new skills like and so on a conical straw if so i've had a few part time two lbs is a private and home delivered to him upon by the more trouble i didn't know what to think they must think i shudder to think of people will smoke the last thing i was going on the us. and it seems a title can only mean so much when cash is still king. just a silly up rt. the club is now the stories from around the world and your court has heard that many were involved in the torture of inmates in several u s military presence
the sunny drawn on by an independent panel of american legal military and health care and spirits highlights the role of doctors and nurses in interrogation and force feeding the case as to place in afghanistan guantanamo bay and the cis secret facilities to start after nine eleven attacks the cia and pentagon have rejected the findings thousands have thronged the streets of the romanian capital bucharest and dance to a canadian that company's planes to mine for gold in the country. locals say work at the site can destroy for mountain tops and one found an ancient village. we are also concerned about health issues as gold is planned to be extracted with the use of sign. protesters also rallied against gas exploration which is proposed by american oil giant chevron. court in pakistan has granted bail to
the present that is the shot was under house arrest. his funeral is being tried for the last over one hundred people in an army operation to oust militants from a sometimes red mosque back in two thousand and seven the bail terms and chloe two thousand dollar bond payment and a travel ban. the seventy year old returns to pakistan from self imposed to take part in the presidential election earlier this year. i was eighteen after several charges were filed against him. violence has marred a key local election impossible where serbs were encouraged to vote for the first hour police fired teargas to disperse a group of masked man who greeted own polling station in the mall to affix the oven to heat up international observers fled as clashes broke out. members of the local serbian minority called for a boycott of the poll to avoid legitimizing cause of independence from serbia
well the crowd of up to eight thousand units have rallied the mosque down to so called russian march release via the country's national is at least thirty people were arrested for wearing masks shouting slogans and to migrate and there has been fuelled by the recent killing of the russian manned by migrant worker from central asia. the kids and sparked violence across moscow and cleaned down on illegal immigrants. x so be sure nancy cox to the head of the eu delegation to washington which fail to get any satisfactory answers to spy new additions. i do. i am
i am. remember way back when we first talked about the first battle notable guns that could be printed out three d printer at home while technology moves pretty quickly because british police have already passed and legal armoury to pretty up firearm parts of special three d printers. this technology may make gun control literally impossible in the same way that pinning and burning books has become future. in the past they used to be able to just burn books or forbid them from being printed in the age of the year that all he does a scanner and internet connection the information that's out of the book cannot be destroyed because it is out there on the magical ether of the area. so basically the near future any person with even half a brain cancer patients can start making guns in their basement which means that gun control laws will basically become pointless because the inevitable a catch all the people doing it. nor will be able to take the guns not even obama were the hardest of hard core liberals. this technology could be the best thing happened to the second amendment ever. just my
opinion the room. you can watch in hd world you were ever you go to a maid she asks for your phone is traveling to texas program schedules on demand video. i don't mind saying he's the author writes a book enjoy the us versions available to secure the marketplace today research makes the network. i inhaled the eye. yours. new
long ruling will. i will the news on him. the last to lose business because you'll see this peanut jones them or see refuse to wear his prison uniform and the defendants child sits down with dimitri who in the courtroom will see protests also took place outside the court and elsewhere in colorado including by the constitutional court's policy and fourteen others face charges of inciting the killing of protest in